The many applications of the ScentAir scent systems

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In recent years we've been able to help many companies by optimising the scent experience. Below a few specific situations are described to give you an idea of the many facets of scent marketing. If you'd like to experience for yourself what scent could do for your company, please get in touch with us

De Witte Aap

The Challenge

De Witte Aap is an iconic bar in Rotterdam: in 2009, the venue was chosen by Lonely Planet as the best bar in the world. In the last few decades, the bar has grown into a major hotspot for locals, tourists, students (home-grown and international) and business people. Since the introduction of the smoking ban, a lot of customers complained about the smell of stale beer permeating the venue at times. The proprietor asked ScentAir to deliver a total solution to replace those odours with a new, fresh scent that fits in with the venue's appearance.

Our solution

Together with the owner, we opted for a complete scent solution at different locations and at various intensities. Mahogany was chosen for the bar itself. The scent system was installed by ScentAir's experts in air-ventilation systems. As the pub gets busier, the scent automatically goes up a notch. Downstairs in the toilets, a stronger scent – Fresh Apple – was selected. These scents have together provided a vast improvement of the customer experience. As the owner himself says: "The previous owners recently came back in and noticed it straightaway: 'The old-beer smell has gone.' That was exactly what I'd wanted."

JC Hair

The challenge

JC Hair in Rotterdam is no ordinary hair salon. It's a feel-good-concept for men and women where haircare comes first. This is also the place to be for clients looking for manicures, mini-facials, make-up, and hair extensions or thickening. Luxury such as this demands complete care for the guests, and scent is a significant part of this. JC Hair came to ScentAir requesting a high-quality scent to fit in with the exclusive concept, and at the same time not clash with the odours normally present in a hair salon.

Our solution

For JC Hair, we chose a ScentWave system with the scent Lemon Fresca. We installed this scent in every JC Hair salon, so that clients have the same experience at every location. The system is programmed in such a way that the scent is only diffused during opening times. Every month, the scent is replenished by our scent experts, so JC Hair has nothing to worry about, and the hairdressers can give their full attention to clients.