Do not underestimate the power of scent marketing

ScentAir comes to your company for customised scent consultancy

Scent marketing is more than introducing a nice odour. It is a major component of your total marketing mix, along with your store's appearance, the lighting and the music you play. Research shows that scent is the most effective way of creating an emotional connection with your guests or customers. 

Optimise the customer experience at your company

Diffusing an exclusive scent on your premises can reinforce your brand identity and provide the right ambiance for your customers or employees. Set yourselves clearly apart from the competition with a unique scent at your company.


The effect of scent

An appropriate scent means customers view your company more positively. Depending on the goal, with the right scent we can achieve various effects:

  • Improving the customer experience
  • Increasing how customers stay in your premises
  • Positively influencing customer behaviour
  • Making a connection with customers on an emotional level
  • Leaving a lasting impression, full of positive memories
  • Pursuing market differentiation and creating affinity and loyalty

Scent consultancy from ScentAir: more than an aroma

Creating an effective scent experience starts with determining your objective: what do you want to achieve?


1. A unique scent brand or scent logo for your company

With a unique scent brand and logo, you set yourself apart from other companies and create a direct link between the scent and your company.

2.  A positive atmosphere at your company

With the right scent, you can bring about an actual change in your customers' behaviour: they stay longer, are more satisfied and are inclined to spend more.

3. Functional scenting

With the right techniques you can neutralise unwanted odours, or you can even reinforce certain emotions in the case of simulations, fire exercises, medical treatments or sports events, etc.

How does it work?

Smell is the only sense that has a direct impact on the section of the brain responsible for pleasure, emotion and memory: the limbic system. Smelling a scent therefore directly results in an emotional response in people. 

With the right scent, you can link that emotion to your brand or company. Together with you, we can determine what effect you'd like to achieve, and can advise you on which scents are suitable for this. 

Research into the effects of scent marketing

A great deal of research has been conducted in recent years into the effect of scent on consumer behaviour. We have compiled a number of studies for you below: